What to Look for When Hiring a Corporate Entertainment Service

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What to Look for When Hiring a Corporate Entertainment Service

Corporate events are challenging to master because – to be a success – they need to balance the fine line between a company’s objectives and the need for entertainment to keep attendees engaged. Ideally, you want a corporate entertainment service that will help you traverse that fine line effortlessly.
But why solicit the skills of a corporate entertainment service when you can hire an event planner and get an all-in-one solution?

The reason for the distinct separation between event planners and corporate entertainment services is that one specializes in arranging the event while the other specializes in one aspect of the event: entertainment.
Given that entertainment is responsible for setting the tone and elevating the atmosphere of an event, the corporate entertainment service you hire should be specialists. To determine if that’s the case, you should analyze four components:

Service Options

Besides serving as a link between a band or musician and an event, for a corporate entertainment service to be beneficial, it needs to provide value. The best professionals in entertainment booking offer comprehensive packages, supplying lighting and sound – along with the musician, artist, or band – delivering significant cost savings. If an entertainment booking agency doesn’t offer these in an inclusive package, they should not be an option.

Client History

To determine if the service you’re approaching is a good fit, you should analyze their client history. Their client history is a good gauge of their practical experience since it reveals the type – and scope – of events they have provided talent for previously.
If a cursory glance of their client history doesn’t substantiate claims of expertise in your industry, it’s advisable to find another service. Preferably a service with the necessary experience coordinating entertainment for an event similar to the one you’re planning.


Unfortunately, the most impressive client history doesn’t correlate to remarkable service. The only valid credentials to prove a corporate entertainment service provides good booking management are the testimonials they’ve received from clients.
If their reviews and client testimonials highlight work ethic, a desire to please the client, and availability – and are from companies with similar needs to your own – you can be sure your event’s entertainment will be outstanding.


Cheaper isn’t synonymous with better. On the contrary, cost should be the least relevant criterion when hiring a corporate entertainment service. For example, we have decided to offer our services for free because we’re confident in our abilities to find the corporate entertainment you require.
Since we are only compensated if you agree to our options, you’re guaranteed we are investing expertise and resources into understanding and delivering the excellence you demand for your event.

Although we launched in 2017 – and spent a year rarely working because of COVID – we’ve quickly become the preferred entertainment booking option for many of our clients. Why? We adapt our expertise to every client’s needs, allowing us to be agile and book the right acts that meet the client’s needs and preferences.

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