Attract New Patrons by Booking Entertainment for Your Restaurant or Bar

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2020 Was the worst year for restaurants and bars across the country, but especially in Arizona, where nearly 12% of the 10,000 restaurants in the state closed permanently. Thankfully, the restaurant industry is resilient and has managed to bounce back, resulting in growth opportunities for restaurants and bars that seize the occasion.
But, competition in the industry is tough, which would explain why – even before the pandemic – 300 restaurants closed annually. In Arizona, your restaurant needs something that will support the desire for lasting success. Something booking live entertainment could help you accomplish.

Could Booking Entertainment Be the Key To Grow Your Restaurant Business?

Your menu, service, and decor take up three-quarters of your restaurant’s success. The final quarter is entertainment. Without visual and audio stimuli, the dining experience is hollow. For this reason, booking entertainment should be the foundation of a strategy geared toward sustained growth. The key isn’t simply in booking entertainment; rather, it’s in booking live entertainment.
Live entertainment improves the atmosphere, supports marketing endeavors, and contributes to the reputation and branding of the restaurant. Patrons can connect with – and appreciate – live performances, whereas tracklists become monotonous over time, distracting from the experience.

Differentiate Your Restaurant or Bar

Arizona’s culinary scene is expanding. Nearly every day a local favorite emerges, threatening your growth plans.
Diners have grown to expect more than a decent meal and drink when they visit a restaurant or bar. They want an experience.
Booking entertainment allows you to create that experience for them, encouraging loyalty among your patrons and captivating the attention of potential patrons because of the memorable components.
Whether it’s classical, jazz, or music with or without vocalists, there are multiple options to make your restaurant remarkable.

Attract Fans of Local Bands

Most of the local bands for hire have a growing fan base. When you hire the band, you attract their fans, introducing your restaurant to people who could become potential regulars.
In this way, you get free publicity – because the band appreciates having a venue to perform – and reach new patrons.
If you’re hesitant, remember: bands don’t have to be coarse. If you have a particular theme, you can hire a more sophisticated musician..

Elevate The Dining Experience

Why do people choose to eat at a local restaurant instead of a chain? They appreciate the unique atmosphere, ambiance, or vibe they can’t capture elsewhere. It’s the same reason they may recommend your restaurant to a friend or make a reservation. Yes, “good food” is part of the equation, but the other – more memorable – aspects are divided among the entertainment, location, and service, which stimulates the other senses and makes the food, service, decor more memorable.
The truth is, you can turn regular, run-of-the-mill dining into an extraordinary experience by adding live entertainment.

Before you start searching local bands for hire, you need to understand the market. Booking entertainment requires skill and expertise to master. And you need a master if you want to unlock the growth potential of your business.
Our purpose at Paragon Booking is to assist you in finding a band, artist, or musician that complements your restaurant and bar and will become a critical ingredient in your lasting success.

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