Wedding Entertainment: Live Band or DJ?

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Wedding Entertainment: Live Band or DJ?

The wedding entertainment you select will impact how remarkable the father-daughter dance and first dance are. It will also determine if your wedding reception is entertaining from your guests’ perspective. Ideally, you want to strike a balance between your enjoyment and desires and those of your guests. Given the significance of the day, deciding on an option that accommodates your vision but is practical, is preferred.

The Four Guidelines to Selecting Wedding Music

Of the available music options, the most popular choices for weddings are live bands and DJs. While you may think you should have one instead of the other, selecting one isn’t as simple as what you think you’ll appreciate. Instead, there’s a formula to choosing between a live band or a DJ for your wedding entertainment.
Therefore, to limit your frustration when you’re deciding, review these four criteria. Through the careful consideration of these components, you guarantee you’re making an appropriate decision for your wedding music and ensure the day is as special as you envision.


Before you dedicate the entire sum of your entertainment budget to wedding music, consider if you want other entertainment. Recently, couples have been adding unique wedding entertainment to the event, anything from photo booths to acrobats. If you have similar ideas, dedicating your entire entertainment budget to your wedding music will have devastating consequences. You will either have to make last-minute changes to your music selection, possibly affecting the quality, or abandon your other entertainment ideas.

If you’re on a strict budget, hiring a DJ will be cheaper. But, a solo musician or two are also affordable alternatives.

Music Preferences

Examining your music preferences will aid in helping you narrow the decision. If you and your partner have vastly different tastes, finding a live band that is versatile enough to master both of your preferences is challenging.
Then, you also need to factor in your family’s tastes. If you have a family tradition or cultural or religious requirements, will the DJ have this type of music, or can you hire a solo artist to perform more unique pieces?


If your reception is more elegant, you should have the type of music that suits these requirements. If it’s more relaxed or entertaining, the music should reflect that.
Most live performers will dictate the mood, complementing any theme.


The final criteria to consider is whether a live band or DJ will be more likely to do the performance justice based on your music selection. If your playlist includes ballades that require strong vocals, a DJ – playing a pre recorded version – would be the better option. Whereas, if you’d like some original or sprightly music, a live band would be ideal.

After reviewing these four criteria, you should contact a booking agent. In the same way, an event planner or caterer can help you finalize your choices for the menu, venue, and decor. The expertise of the booking agent makes them a wealth of knowledge on your music selection. They will offer valuable guidance regarding the option most suitable to your needs.

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