Live Music: A Quick Guide to Sourcing Talent

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A Quick Guide to Sourcing Talent for Live Music

The purpose of live music for any venue is to make your location more appealing and enhance the experience for patrons. Unfortunately, you cannot leverage the publicity and ambiance without talent that supports your objectives. That said, the most challenging part isn’t identifying that live music is beneficial for your restaurant or bar. The challenge is sourcing reliable talent that checks all the boxes. For that reason, most restaurant and bar managers and owners prefer delegating the task to a booking agency rather than trying to navigate the audition and then hiring process without the necessary experience.

However, before approaching a talent booking service, it’s advised that you complete two preliminary steps: determine your venue’s needs and ascertain your space limitations.

Determine Your Venue’s Live Music Needs

The talent you book for the venue will set the tone, either amplifying the venue’s distinct charm or distracting from the atmosphere you’re creating. For it to be the former, you need to assess your requirements. To do this, ask questions like:

  • What genre of music will my patrons enjoy?
  • What music adds to the experience?
  • How often does the restaurant/bar intend to host live music?
  • What type of live music are restaurants/bars in the vicinity playing? (This question will spare you the awkwardness of being indistinguishable from other restaurants/bars with similar live music and menu).
  • What is the budget for this endeavor?

Then based on those specifications, you can determine if you require a live band or solo musician. You can also ascertain whether it will be beneficial establishing a roster of performers or hiring an in-house act.

Ascertain Space Limitations

The space you have for musicians will also play a role in determining whether you can have a live band or a solo musician. If, for example, your management team has decided to implement an infrequent schedule to test the viability and effect of live music on your venue, a solo musician would be ideal. Solo musicians don’t require any renovations to maximize your restaurant’s/bar’s space.

Hire A Booking Agent

After preparing these requirements, you can submit the list of demands to a reputable booking agent. The booking agent will review these requirements and make recommendations according to your needs. They will also source musicians and audition them, if necessary, ensuring you only have the best selection of potential performers.

Trial Your Performers

When you’ve concluded the above steps, the final part of this process is to determine if the music and the menu are a perfect match.
The only way to do this is to try them in front of an audience of regular patrons. Then, if necessary, use the response for patrons to provide feedback to your booking agent.

Placing an ad and auditioning musicians is the least efficient way to find live music for your venue. Instead, using a bespoke booking agent like Paragon Booking, you’re guaranteed a higher level of satisfaction and the same attention to detail that other happy customers have become accustomed to.

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