How to Book Entertainment to Enhance Your Event

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How to Book Entertainment to Enhance Your Event

It may seem easy to book entertainment for your event until you try to conquer the mammoth task alone. The plethora of to-dos that go into organizing an event make it overwhelming to say the least. Then, when you consider how crucial entertainment is to the outcome of the day, it becomes especially challenging.
Unlike food choices, venue options, and themes; when you book entertainment, you have to find something that will satisfy each guest. To ensure this process doesn’t overwhelm you, you can review our step-by-step guide detailing how to book entertainment.

Determine Your Event’s Needs

Before you can determine what your entertainment will be, you need to ask a few simple questions:

  • How many guests are attending?
  • What is the occasion?
  • Where is the event taking place?

These are the questions you need to answer before you can settle on an entertainer.
If, for example, you know 100 guests are attending a wedding, you will need music for the first dance and throughout the reception, where guests will advance from eating to dancing, requiring the music to shift as the mood shifts, but also requiring versatile performance selections.

Set your Budget

You may love the idea of hiring a specific band or performer. Only realizing later you can’t afford to hire them. For that reason, before you begin searching for appropriate entertainment, set an entertainment budget. The budget should take into consideration the hours needed and the scope of the event. Avoid being irrational with expectations. Instead, focus on leveraging your resources to find the best option. For example, if your budget is modest, consider hiring the best solo musician instead of the most cost-effective band, especially if the event requires some element of sophistication.

Consider What’s on Offer

Once you understand the parameters of your event, you should research available options. For example, entertainment for a kids’ party won’t be the same as entertainment for a wedding or gala. A small, intimate group will require entertainment options that make the event feel personal.
Live music is a generally accepted medium of entertainment but can be tailored to suit the occasion.

Use a Booking Service

To get food for the event, you rely on a caterer. The same should apply when you need to book entertainment. Given that there seems to be an unlimited number of musicians, bands, and artists, you have countless choices when sifting through performers, making settling on one option nearly impossible. A booking service makes finding a musician uncomplicated as they take your guidance and turn that into a recommendation for a musician or group.

These steps detail the fundamentals to ensure you book entertainment that improves your event. However, the greatest of all these steps is setting aside a budget and using a booking service.
If you know how much you are willing to spend on entertainment, you can set the framework for consultation with booking services. You can then relay your budget and your needs and allow them to do the heavy lifting.

Having worked in Arizona for over four years and provided entertainment to over 700 events, our team has cultivated networks with musicians and assisted many clients in finding the perfect musician, DJ, or band for the event while staying within their budget.
Get in touch with our team if you need help to book entertainment for an upcoming event.

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