Are there fees associated with booking a gig?

No,we do not charge fees and you will know the exact amount you will be paid prior to confirming the gig.

Do I need to provide my own sound/PA?

Yes, in most cases our venues will ask that you bring your sound to plug into house (they will also have notes for each venue if it requires you to bring additional cables, plug ins, etc.)

How far in advance will I get notified of a confirmed gig?

This depends on the venue and when they send over new dates. Typically, you will always have at minimum a week’s notice, but oftentimes it is more than a week.

My set is mostly originals and not covers, is that okay?

Ultimately, no. Our venues specifically request artists to play a set that mostly comprises of covers to better serve their clientele and for the best results at their venues. It is okay to throw in an original here and there, but the entire set must mostly be covers.

When will I get paid?

Payments are made bi-weekly by Paragon to artists. You will not collect payment on site after a gig. Pay day is on the Friday following a 14 day pay period. e.g.: Gigs from Sunday the 1st through Saturday the 14th will be paid to you on Friday the 20th.

Will I be required to travel for gigs?

You will not be required to travel for any gigs. We work with venues all over the state as well as other states, but you will have full control of which gigs you request and which locations you are comfortable going to.